Review Of The Kodak PIXPRO S-1

The Kodak Pixpro S-1: Add Creativity to Your Photography

Getting truly creative with photography requires more than a mere editing of photos taken from your mobile camera. Every photography enthusiast certainly has the desire to take his photography to the next level but does not have the specific skill set that pro photographers have. Many people are obsessed with photos and this is justified with the high popularity of photo editing apps on smart phones.

Taking your photography to the next level by owning a stand-alone camera that has a multitude of features allows you to expand your creativity. With the finest shots, you are able to increase social engagement while telling your story to your audience.

The Kodak Pixpro S-1 is a mirrorless digital camera that does more than what any point-and-shoot and mobile camera can do. Read further and find out what the Kodak Pixpro S-1 has to offer so you can expand your photographic opportunities.

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Effective Pixels and Sensor

The Kodak Pixpro S-1 features 16 million pixels and has a CMOS-type sensor. This camera is able to produce high-quality, detailed images that retain their clarity even when cropped, printed, or uploaded to social media platforms. The CMOS sensor technology is widely used in cameras and guarantees high performance in terms of image processing or noise reduction.

Interchangeable Lens

The Kodak Pixpro S-1 is an interchangeable lens camera that features 3 lenses to choose from. Plus, it offers a universal Micro Four Thirds mount that allows you to try other lenses from various manufacturers. More lens options enable you to have total freedom of controlling your art.

Whether you’re planning to capture a scenic landscape or a close-up portrait of your choosing, the Kodak Pixpro-1 lets you achieve more than just an acceptable snapshot. Because acceptable isn’t enough.

LCD Screen

An LCD screen that tilts gives you the benefit of using your camera from various angles. The Kodak Pixpro S-1 features a 3.0 inch (920k) articulating LCD monitor that tilts up to 90 degrees and down to 45 degrees. You may want to use the articulating screen to view your subject with ease in case your subject is too high or too low.

Frames per Second (FPS)

If you enjoy capturing action scenes, you will need a camera that does extremely well in a continuous shooting mode. The Kodak Pixpro S-1 never misses a great shot with its 4 frames per second feature. This feature is beneficial for action sports photography.

Wireless Connectivity

A camera that has the capability of connecting to Wi-Fi network allows you to share your photos to the world anytime, anywhere. Moreover, a wireless connectivity feature helps you in creating extra copies of your shots in an instant so you don’t have to worry about not having a backup. The Kodak S-1 is Wi-Fi enabled. It also saves you the hassle of bringing a cord every time.

Video Quality

The Kodak S-1 features 1080p Full HD video quality that provides a topnotch viewing experience. With a resolution of 1080p and an FPS of 30 (for full HD), your audience will surely appreciate your recorded videos that are clear, detailed and sharp.

Optical Image Stabilization

With the Kodak S-1’s built-in Optical Image Stabilization feature, you’ll be able to enjoy sharper images as motion blur due to hand-held shooting is minimized. This would be valuable when you’ll be taking close-up shots of objects without the use of a tripod or in low-light settings.

Other Features and Specs

Scan Panorama Up to 360 degrees
Weight 290 g
Face Detection Focusing YES
Max Video Resolution 1920 x 1080
Built-In Viewfinder NO
Operational Temperature & Humidity Temp: 0-40 C
Shooting Modes Auto, Face Beautifier, Fireworks, Sunset, Pet, Night Portrait, Snow, Multi Exposure, etc.
Battery Performance Approx. 410 shots
Filter Fish Eye, Kodachrome, Black and White, Reflection, Salon, etc.
Environmental Sealing NO


The Kodak S-1 is a good candidate for many photography types – street photography, daily photography, action sports photography, and landscape photography. An entry level mirrorless camera announced in 2014, the Kodak S-1 offers you with more options to explore photography so you can be as creative as you can. It offers a choice of lenses, provides excellent photo quality, and is equipped with unique filters and shooting modes that are perfect for any scene.

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