Review Of The Kodak FZ51 Digital Camera

Keep Your Memories Alive with the Kodak Friendly Zoom FZ51 Digital Camera

To tell you honestly, there’s no one camera that has it all. A camera with higher megapixels or one with an electronic viewfinder doesn’t make it better than other camera models. You need a camera that’s exactly right for you – a camera tailored to your photography needs.

What do you want in a camera? Do you want one that fits perfectly in your hands? Do you want something that has a simple structure and is extremely easy to use? Are you concerned with price? Lastly, are you looking for a camera that takes wonderful shots every time?

Look no further. Most likely, you’ll need a digital camera such as the Kodak Friendly Zoom FZ51. Although it’s not as complex and advanced as the typical DSLR and bridge camera, it definitely has more features and functionalities than your smartphone camera.

You can trust the Kodak Friendly Zoom FZ51 to capture the best photos for you, anytime and anywhere. So if you’re ready to know more about this point-and-shoot camera, read this review. Hopefully, you’ll be able to appreciate its capability in providing you with the best photography experiences.

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Nice Compact Design with Simple Controls

The Kodak Friendly Zoom FZ51 is designed to fit right into your pocket. Take it with you anywhere you go – at the beach, during your night out with friends, on a relaxing picnic with your family. This camera has a very slim design.

As you can see, its top view features only 3 buttons – the power button, the fast video recording button, and the shutter button. Looking at its rear view, you’ll find the LCD, zoom button, playback button, menu button, mode button, display button, flash button, delete button, macro button/self-timer button, and the set button.

You don’t need to be an expert at photography when using this camera. Just take it out of your pocket or get it ready instantly – it comes with a strap eyelet for you to hang it around your neck at all times.

High Resolution and Powerful Zoom

Taking excellent shots with this camera is not a problem at all. It features a high 16.1-megapixel resolution, a CCD sensor, and a 5x zoom capacity so you can capture near or far subjects and still obtain clear and crisp shots. If you’re into wildlife or landscape photography, you can zoom to your heart’s content without sacificing detail. When you are about to print those shots, you can even crop unwanted backgrounds.

Get Everything In

Are some parts of a scene just too precious to leave out? Do you need to take a group photo and make sure to capture all your friends? The Kodak Friendly Zoom FZ51 has a 28mm wide angle lens. This nice feature makes sure that you capture everything in just a single shot.

If you want to achieve a 180-degree shot of a beautiful landscape, take advantage of this camera’s panorama capture mode. To use this mode, all you have to do is select the Panorama mode by pressing the Mode button. If you take exactly 4 pictures, the Kodak Friendly Zoom FZ51 will automatically stitch the photos together. With this feature, you do not need to make use of a separate computer to stitch them yourself.

Anti-Handshake for Extra Sharp Photos

If you can’t seem to take a clear shot because your hands are all shaky or you’re riding in the backseat of a caddy, just select the Stabilization mode to achieve clear shots. Remember that when it’s windy, your shots can also be blurred. This also goes for low lighting and when you’re zooming in to take a close-up shot.

Maximizes Your Shots According to Environment

Your photos will look like they’re taken by a pro when you choose among its 21 scene modes that match the setting you’re in. To choose the best scene mode, press Mode. The camera will show you the following scenes:

  1. Sketch – Lets you achieve a pencil sketch effect.
  2. Auto Scene – This mode automatically detects the scene you’re in.
  3. Night Portrait – For beautiful night photos.
  4. Sport – Allows you to capture fast moving objects (pets, toddlers, moving vehicles, etc)
  5. Museum – For areas that restrict the use of flash.
  6. Beach – To balance the effect of string sunlight when you’re at the beach at daytime.
  7. Leaf- Lets you capture luscious vegetation. Emphasizes the colors of flowers and greens.
  8. Sunset – To balance backlight caused by the sun.
  9. Indoor – Use inside your home, mall or office.
  10. Fireworks – To capture colorful fireworks at nighttime.
  11. Paty – Takes photos of indoor parties. Deals with difficult lighting.
  12. Night Landscape – This effect requires the use of a tripod. This scene allows you to take outdoor photos at night.
  13. Fish Eye – For a cool, creative fish eye effect.
  14. Snow – To capture vibrant white color.
  15. Text – For documents and letters.
  16. Children- These scene does not make use of flash to take photos of children.
  17. Panning Shot – Captures fast moving subjects clearly with blurred backgrounds.
  18. ID – For ID sized photos.
  19. Photo Frame – Lets you add unique frames to every photo.
  20. Landscape – For beautiful landscapes. Takes perfect shots of land and skies.
  21. Glass – Captures objects that are displayed behind a transparent glass.

Other Features and Specs

Detection Features Face, Blink, Smile
Photo Touch-Up Red-Eye Removal, HDR
LCD Size 2.7 inches
Continuous Shooting (for action photography) Yes
Battery Performance Approx. 200 shots
Video Capture 720p
Water Resistance No
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Minimum Focal Length 28mm
Maximum Focal Length 140mm


This camera will perfectly suit you if you are the less serious, hobbyist photographer who wants to have more options in taking photos without dealing with complexity and lots of controls. I like this camera best for its simplicity and compact size. I must mention that this camera is very durable too. Point-and-shoot cameras are indeed great. Don’t be tempted to immediately have a more complex DSLR and bridge camera if you know you can maximize the features of a point-and-shoot. You’ll be more satisfied with this and you’ll be less worried in dealing with accessories too.

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