Review Of The Kodak FZ41

Keep Memories Alive With the Kodak FZ41

Pictures are important. They have a way of triggering moments that may not be remembered. We store lots of memories in our brain which makes it difficult to retrieve all of them. But even the mere sight a piece of old photograph makes every forgotten moment come to life.

Remember your birthday parties and holiday celebrations when you were still a kid? When you try to remember those moments, all you can get are fuzzy details. You know that your family and friends were present during those times but for sure you can’t recall what they wore and how used to look like.

Even though photographs can evoke sadness because of the people who used to be part of your life but no longer are, photos make us realize that there is goodness in every trial. Take as many pictures as you can. When all is lost, pictures are what will remain.

The Kodak FZ41 is an indispensable point-and-shoot camera that captures high-resolution photos. Portable and handy, this digital camera can be brought with you anytime, wherever you’re at. You can be certain on not missing those great shots. Your memories deserve to be preserved the best way. Read on and find out what makes the Kodak FZ41 an excellent tool in taking the finest shots.

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Effective Pixels and Lens

The Kodak FZ41, available in Red, Black and Silver, has 16.15 megapixels and a focal length of 27mm-108mm. This high megapixel count allows you to take capture clear, detailed photos that look great when printed or uploaded and shared to social media sites. A high megapixel count will also give you more options to crop and zoom in your photos without sacrificing their quality.

Its wide-angle lens allows you to have plenty of space to fit the whole scene so you can be worry-free when taking a picture of your entire family and your group of friends.

Optical Zoom

With the Kodak FZ41’s 4x optical zoom feature, you can have the freedom to zoom in and focus on a subject that’s taken from a distance. When not using the optical zoom feature, you can simply enjoy the entire scene through it’s wide-angle frame.

The camera’s 4x optical zoom combined with its 16.15 megapixel count previously mentioned enable you to enlarge an image and still maintain its sharpness and high resolution.

Optical zoom is highly advantageous for taking shots of a beautiful scenery or a close-up view of subjects. Imagine capturing a family photo on a sunny day in Valley Forge Park with the Kodak FZ41. You’ll have more freedom to zoom in and out and capture great views.

Video Quality

Taking pictures is a good way to preserve memories but capturing videos is even better. Because movement is present in videos, videos make great storytellers. The Kodak FZ41 allows you to enjoy high-quality, 720p HD videos. Capture happy scenes during a holiday trip with your loved ones and replay them with delight.

LCD Screen

The Kodak FZ41 features a 2.7-inch LCD screen where you can clearly view your subjects before capturing them. An LCD screen provides good contrast, is lightweight, and guarantees high-resolution images. But you also have to take note that it may be difficult to view your images with the LCD screen in bright sunlight.

Detection Features

A camera with detection features is great. Cameras with such features do a fine job in focusing on subjects’ faces. The Kodak FZ41 recognizes faces and adjusts its focus and exposure in order to get the best portrait. Nothing is more beautiful than winks and smiles that are well-documented.

70% of photos taken worlwide have people as the main subjects. The Kodak FZ41 realizes this by providing detection features that include Blink, Face, and Smile.


The Kodak FZ41 allows you to enjoy 180-degree panoramic photos by selecting its Panorama mode. If you take less than 4 pictures, simple push the Press button to immediately stitch your photos. When taking 4 pictures, the Kodak FZ41 automatically does the stitching job. Then view your beautiful panoramic photo by pressing the Playback button.

Other Features and Specs

Weight Approx. 116g (body only)
Battery Performance Approx. 120 shots (AA Alkaline battery)

Approx. 360 shots (AA NiMH battery)

Operation Environment Temp: 0° – 40°C, Humidity: 0 – 90%
Shutter Speed 1/2000 – 4 seconds
Red-Eye Removal YES
Shooting Modes Auto, Panorama, Portrait, Fish Eye, Indoor, Party, Museum, Leaf, Sketch, Children, Snow, ID, Panning Shot, etc.
Digital Image Stabilization YES
Image Compression Best, Fine, Normal


The Kodak FZ41 is a very light point-and-shoot camera that helps you preserve high-quality snapshots of your most valued celebrations and random events. It knows the value of photos by featuring fine features and specs that assure outstanding shots, anytime and anywhere.

With its 16.15 megapixel count, optical zoom and face detection features, you’re sure to enjoy taking group shots in beautiful sceneries. Don’t let your memories be lost. Start taking photos now with the Kodak FZ41 and see the difference.

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