Review Of The Kodak EasyShare Z990

The Kodak EasyShare Z990 For The Serious Amateur Photographer

– Are you a serious amateur photographer? Do you take photos for a pleasure but capture them earnestly? If yes, I suggest you try using a bridge camera – if you haven’t just yet.

What are bridge cameras and why do they make great photography tools? Bridge cameras fill the gap between DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras. That means bridge cameras give you full controls to work with (like DSLRs) but don’t have interchangeable lenses (like point-and-shoot cameras). Moreover, bridge cameras have superzoom capabilities – a very important feature to advanced photographers who engage in wildlife photography. These cameras also look like DSLRs.

Below are some reasons why it’s wonderful to own a bridge camera to take more beautiful pictures:

  • Bridge cameras have superzoom lenses that provide focal length flexibility. You’ll be able to zoom in and out and focus on far subjects with ease.
  • Bridge cameras have image stabilization features that offset camera shake issues which come along with superzooms. With image stabilization, you can obtain close-up shots without having blurred images.
  • Some bridge cameras today are already equipped with viewfinders. Viewfinders allow you to see what your camera sees, so you can frame your shot and view the effect of your adjustments beforehand.
  • Bridge cameras have fast burst rates. A high burst rate captures many frames in one second. This is highly useful in action sports photography.

The Kodak EasyShare Z990 is an ultrazoom bridge camera that fulfills the abovementioned features. Try this and take your photography to the next level. Find out what it has in store for you:

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Effective Pixels and Sensor

The Kodak EasyShare Z990 features 12 megapixels and has a BSI (Backside Illumination Sensor) CMOS sensor. A 12 megapixel count is ample in taking sharp and vibrant shots. You can crop your photos and print them for your creative photo projects without worrying about getting low-quality prints.

BSI-CMOS sensors capture more light than other sensor types. The more a sensor captures light, the better the quality of pictures. BSI-CMOS sensors perform well in low-light settings – a common problem encountered with point-and-shoot cameras.

Optical Zoom and Focal Length

This bridge camera has a 30x optical zoom power and a focal length of 28-840mm. This high zoom capacity and focal length flexibility enables you to capture a bigger view of an entire scene. You can also choose to zoom in and focus on your subject if you want to eliminate an unwanted background.

Because you can zoom all the way in to 840mm, you can conclude that the Kodak EasyShare Z990 is pretty good at handling many types of photography – Landscape, Wildlife, Interior and Architectural, Product, and Sports.

Video Quality

The Kodak EasyShare Z990 enables you to shoot full HD 1080p videos (with stereo sound) at 30 frames per second. You can record excellent videos of your playful dog or kid to share them with the rest of the world. This good video quality gives you the freedom to tell your stories in a much better way.

Creative Modes and Scene Modes

To make your photos look more creative and dramatic, the Kodak EasyShare Z990 has a wide selection of Creative modes and Scene modes. It also provides a description for each mode so you’ll be guided on which one to use.

For the Creative modes:

  • Night Scene Long Exposure
  • Automatic Panorama
  • Photo Booth
  • Dramatic
  • Intelligent Portrait Mode

For the Scene modes:

  • Panorama (Right to Left, Left to Right)
  • Landscape
  • High ISO
  • Flower
  • Stage
  • Sunset
  • Night Landscape
  • Backlight
  • Night Portrait
  • Backlight
  • Candle Light
  • Self-Portrait
  • Fireworks
  • Children
  • Bright

Other Features and Specs

Maximum Resolution of Sensor 4000 x 3000
ISO Auto, 125, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 and 6400
Optical Image Stabilization YES
Maximum Aperture F2.8-5.6
Autofocus Contrast Detect



Live View

Face Detection


Selective Single-Point

LCD 3 inch, Fixed (260,000 screen dots)
Burst Mode 5.6 FPS
Connectivity USB 2.0
Weather Sealing NO
Timelapse NO
Orientation Sensor YES
Dedicated Share Button YES
Electronic Viewfinder YES


The Kodak EasyShare Z990 is an amazing camera that does a lot for your serious amateur photography goals. An outstanding model among Kodak’s selection of bridge cameras, the EasyShare Z990 has a powerful zoom lens, more megapixels, a BSI-CMOS sensor, topnotch video quality and more modes for the best photos.

This camera is more affordable than a DSLR and has a much better performance than any point-and-shoot camera. When you’re serious with photography, you need more features and more flexibility to attain the kind of shots you aim. Remember that a good photographer can produce the finest shots with a good camera than a novice with a highly-advanced camera such as the DSLR.

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