Review Of The Kodak EasyShare Z981

The Kodak EasyShare Z981:

Getting Better At Photography

Becoming a better photographer doesn’t have to take years. Photography can be a random activity, a serious hobby, or a source of income. But capturing impressive shots requires skill and dedication. In order for you to get better at what you do, you need to follow a couple of steps:

  • Look for inspiration in magazines with landscape and wildlife pictures and try to figure out how those shots were taken.
  • Select a time of the day when the lighting is good.
  • Learn how to manipulate your camera by reading its manual.
  • Find interesting subjects and experiment on them.
  • Keep on practicing and try a new technique each day.

All of these things would be useless if you don’t have a camera that does more than the basic point-and-shoot or mobile camera you used to know. Get out of your comfort zone and try a camera that’s comparable to a DSLR, isn’t complex, but provides more features and controls which you can take advantage of – the Kodak EasyShare Z981.

What makes it a good choice in helping you further your photography skills? Continue reading this review to find out.

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Effective Pixels and Sensor

The Kodak EasyShare Z981 has 14 megapixels and a CCD sensor type. This megapixel count does very well in taking clear, sharp, detailed images. You can crop your pictures or upload them to social media sites. To obtain the best quality, print pictures not more than 24 inches long.

CCD sensors are older than CMOS sensors. But CCD sensors have benefits which include stable performance in high temperatures, great images even in low light, HD quality images, and low-noise (less grainy) shots.

Optical Zoom and Focal Length

You can magnify up to 26x and obtain a focal length of 26-676mm. Have fun taking shots from a near and far distance without sacrificing photo quality. The Kodak EasyShare Z981’s focal length provides you with more flexibility in capturing a bigger picture. With this camera, there will be more subjects to fit in. Now, you can worry less on taking group photos and wider landscapes.

Built-In Flash

The Kodak EasyShare Z981 features a built-in flash that would come in handy not only in low-light settings but also in bright situations. Obviously, the Kodak EasyShare Z981’s built-in flash will give you an artificial light in dim situations so you won’t always have to reach for an external flash. In bright light, using the flash somewhat darkens your subject’s background. This gives your photo a more dramatic effect. When shooting outdoors, using the built-in flash makes subjects more vibrant.


Taking panoramic photos is a brilliant way to showcase a beautiful landscape and tell the whole story. You may also want to capture a bigger scene so you won’t miss out on beautiful parts of an entire view. When looking at an ordinary photo, we don’t always expect to see everything. With panoramic shots, you’ll be more comfortable and satisfied with your photos.

To start taking panoramic photos, simply rotate the Model dial to Panorama. Choose whether you want to shoot in the left or right direction. If you take 3 pictures, the Kodak EasyShare Z981 automatically stitches them together.

Photo Sharing and Tagging

The Kodak EasyShare Z981 is equipped with photo sharing and tagging features. To be able to share your shots to social networking sites, you need to download the Kodak software.

You can simply choose the social networking site where you want your pictures uploaded once they are transferred to your computer. You can also manage email addresses and tag people’s faces with names and keywords so you won’t have a hard time finding them.


The KODAK PERFECT TOUCH technology automatically enhances your photos taken in Smart Capture mode. What it does is that it removes dark shadows, reduces red eye up to 80%, enhances sharpness, and ensures rich colors.

Other Features and Specs

Scene Modes High ISO, Stage, Night Portrait, Self Portrait, Landscape, Children, Night Landscape, Flower, Fireworks, Sunset, Backlight, Snow, Beach, Candle Light, Manner/Museum, Text
Video Quality 720p (30fps)
Microphone Mono
Weight (with batteries) 540 g
Internal Memory 64 MB
Electronic Viewfinder YES
LCD Screen 3 inch


201,000 screen dots

Storage Type SD/SDHC Card, Internal Memory
Battery AA
Timelapse Recording NO


The Kodak EasyShare Z981 is a good choice if you want to enhance your photography skills. As a bridge-style camera, it’s definitely equipped with more features and controls than point-and-shoot cameras. With its powerful zoom, focal length flexibility, internal flash, PERFECT TOUCH technology and more – there’s a lot you can experiment with. Get more creative and obtain the shots you want to have (based on the type of photography you love) with the Kodak EasyShare Z981.

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