Review Of The Kodak EasyShare C633

Review of the Kodak EasyShare C633: A Simple and All-Around Compact Camera

C633 Review

At this point, you might be asking yourself whether or not digital cameras are still useful. The truth is, people haven’t stopped enjoying photography. In fact photography has become more popular these days. The thing is, most people worldwide are turning to smartphones for taking photos. Perhaps you’re one of those avid smartphone users.

If most people are now relying on mobile cameras, why are compact cameras still important these days? Compact or point-and-shoot cameras are important because of their photo quality, manual controls, and zoom lenses. Those are the qualities in compact cameras which smartphones cannot outperform. I also have to mention that smartphones run out of battery faster mainly because they’re used for multiple reasons – texting, playing music and games, and more.

If you are really serious in improving your skills at photography, you need to have a compact camera. Having one helps you master basic controls which eventually, will make you a pro. Nothing beats the value of a stand alone compact camera. It’s timeless, versatile, inexpensive (less expensive than smartphones too), and worth every penny.

The Kodak EasyShare C633 is a wonderful compact camera with a simple design. It’s not a new camera, but still has a lot to offer. It comes with lots of special effects that produce timeless photos just for you. What I find unique about this camera is its optical viewfinder. Read on and discover more about its benefits.

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Captures Stunning Photos Anytime, Anywhere

The Kodak EasyShare C633 has a high 6.1-megapixel resolution that offers you more flexibility in taking photos. With this resolution you can print, crop, upload your photos online without losing sharpness and quality.

You can actually take this camera with you wherever you want to go. It is actually equipped with 9 scene modes that perfectly match any setting. If you’re planning to spend your weekend at the beach, don’t forget to choose its Beach mode. This mode ensures that you get vibrant beach scenes despite strong sunlight. If you’re enjoying an indoor party and want to do away with red-eye, the Party mode lets you achieve the best indoor photo.

Other scene modes include the following: Portrait (emphasizes facial features of people), Night Portrait, Sport (for fast moving subjects), Children, Backlight, Self-Portrait, and Snow.

For Close-Up Shots and Far-away Scenes

Do you enjoy taking photos of nature? If you do, this camera offers you the opportunity to be great at macro and landscape photography. You can take perfect close-up shots of leaves, flowers and other small objects in your garden. If you’re camping with your family, you can also capture an entire beautiful scene by choosing the Landscape mode.

Optical Viewfinder

The optical viewfinder of this camera allows you to compose a scene without any time lag. Using this nice feature also helps you save on battery power. I suggest that you also use the optical viewfinder when you’re on the Sport mode. Sports photographers find the optical viewfinder extremely helpful when capturing action shots since it lets them see the action happening in real time.

Kodak C633 Review

With Built-In Flash

No longer should you worry when taking photos in low light settings. The Kodak EasyShare C633 has a built-in flash that provides artificial lighting without the need for a bulky, separate flash. Take note that when taking pictures of fireworks, it’s best to turn off the flash and make use of a tripod for the best results.


If I were to choose between photos taken through my smartphone and photos taken from a compact camera, I would prefer the latter – especially if I intend to have those photos printed. Even with the advent of smartphones and other complex cameras, compact cameras remain to be timeless. You wouldn’t be able to realize their usefulness unless you give them a try. These photography tools are perfect for those who are on a budget but want to get the most out of photography.

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