Review Of The Kodak AZ651

The Kodak AZ651 Bridge Camera: What’s In It For You?

Bridge cameras are great cameras to try if you’re the type of photographer who has been used to point-and-shoot cameras and want to upgrade to the next level. Bridge cameras have more features and functionalities when compared to point-and-shoot cameras. Moreover, these cameras are handy, lightweight and are very simple to use. Plus, they produce images that are higher in quality.

If you aren’t ready to try DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, then bridge cameras would be wonderful and more affordable alternatives. Bridge cameras also have a major asset: their powerful zoom lenses. Years ago, these cameras had 10x and 12x lenses. But in 2015, the standard zoom lens is about 50x.

But bridge cameras have their share of good qualities as well as imperfections. Unlike DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, bridge cameras have smaller lenses. Also, you should note that lenses of bridge cameras are non-removable.

But overall, bridge cameras offer you lots of surprises. And they’re worth every penny. So today, we’ll be focusing on learning about the Kodak AZ651 (Astro zoom 651) – a bridge camera with a remarkable 65x optical zoom.

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Optical Zoom

As previously mentioned, the Kodak AZ651 features an incredible 65x optical zoom. With the AZ651, you’ll be assured that shooting even from a great distance will give you the best photo ever – in terms of details and clarity.

The Kodak AZ651 is also a type of zoom lens that falls under the Wide Angle zoom category – with a focal length of 24mm to be specific. Its 24mm angle lens enables you to get a very wide scene, so you’ll immediately discover a great spot to photograph.

Zoom lenses are great. Actually, these are the types of lenses that are widely available for DSLRs today. In fact, a lot of DSLRs have 18-55mm zoom lenses. With this, you can conclude that the Kodak AZ651 is comparable to a standard DSLR.

Effective Pixels and Sensor

The Kodak AZ651 has 20.68 megapixels. More megapixels always mean better photo quality, especially when you intend to have your shot printed on an extremely large paper. This allows you to show off your best photo without sacrificing quality. A higher megapixel count also gives you the freedom of cropping favorite parts of your photos without getting blurry images in the end.

In terms of sensor type, the Kodak AZ651 has the BSI CMOS sensor (Backside Illumination,  Complementary Metal Oxide Silicon sensor). A camera with a backlit CMOS sensor differs from any regular CMOS sensor in a way that it produces excellent photos even in low-light settings. This allows you to take superb shots when you’re enjoying a campfire with your buddies or having the best moment of your life at a night concert.

LCD Screen

Unlike some LCD screens of mirrorless cameras that are limited in movement, the Kodak AZ651 features a fully articulated (tilt and swivel) 3 inch screen. This is a huge advantage on your part because it gives you the freedom of being more creative with your shots. With a fully articulated LCD monitor, you can flip out or rotate the screen up to 180 degrees – more angle options for the finest shots.


The Kodak AZ651 has an electronic viewfinder. An electronic viewfinder avoids parallax, showing you exactly the same scene that your camera lens “sees” under a selected exposure or regardless of any effects applied. An electronic viewfinder also reveals a much brighter low-light scene and works well with zoom lenses, as in the case of the Kodak AZ651.

Video Quality

Capture every valuable moment with the Kodak AZ651’s 1080p Full HD video that guarantees the richest viewing experience. This 1080p high resolution gives more sharpness and clarity to your videos so you’ll get a truly realistic view of what’s happening and replay these memories with delight.

Frames per Second (FPS)

The Kodak AZ651 features an FPS of 5 in a continuous shot. A high FPS will help you pick the best photos of a moving subject – be it your canine friend or playful kid.

An added surprise that makes the 5 FPS even better is your option to select from the AZ651’s set of detection features – Cat, Dog, Blink, Face, and Smile. You can imagine having a less difficult time taking the best shots of your running kids and pets at the right moment.


If you love panoramic photography, then the Kodak AZ651 will surely delight you with its full spectrum 360 degree panorama mode. You’ll be able to share those breathtaking views of your Caribbean summer trip with your family and friends.

Weather Sealing

Unfortunately, the Kodak AZ651 does not offer this feature. It cannot do well with splashes, dust and dirt so you have to be careful in handling this camera. However, it can withstand temperatures ranging from 0° – 40°C and humidity up to 90%.

Wireless Connectivity

The Kodak AZ651 is a fun camera that finds value in sharing the best shots with the people around you. With this camera, you can easily transfer your photos to compatible devices without the use of any cord.

Shooting Modes

You can select from its wide variety of shooting modes for every appropriate scene – Auto, Face Beautifier, Party, Snow, Landscape, Fireworks, Pet, Night Portrait, and more.


Based on the review, the Kodak AZ651 is an outstanding choice if you wish to have a bridge camera that offers you a whole lot of photographic opportunities. It is comparable to mirrorless cameras and DSLRs in terms of strength.

The Kodak AZ651 is a fine tool for almost any type of photography – Portrait Photography, Nightlife Photography, Street Photography, Landscape Photography, Daily Photography, and Sports Photography.

With its high 65x optical zoom, fully articulated screen, 1080p full HD video quality and other jaw-dropping features, you’re sure to get the most important qualities of a camera for your hard-earned money.

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