Review Of The Kodak AZ525

The Kodak AZ525: A Balance Between Feature and Versatility

Bridge cameras care called bridge cameras because they fill in the gap between DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras. They are the perfect tools for photographers who desire to experience the ease of use that point-and-shoot cameras offer plus the features of an entry-level DSLR.

Bridge cameras feature some of the physical controls that one can find with entry-level DSLRs. They even look like DSLRs which may lead a typical observer to mistake it for one. However, unlike DSLRS, bridge cameras do not have removable lenses. You cannot also expect to achieve the very exact photo quality that a typical DSLR provides.

But bridge cameras boast of powerful zoom lenses that extend from 24mm up to over 1,000mm – zoom magnifications that may be impossible to achieve with the use of traditional DSLRs. Although zoom shooting presents the problem of camera shake, bridge cameras come with image stabilization features that help avoid blurry images. Plus, as a photographer, you can have your own body techniques of stabilizing your camera.

The Kodak AZ525 (Astro Zoom 525) is an easy-to-use bridge camera that gets you the best shots for any type of photography – if you’re not planning to have a full-blown DSLR or a mirrorles camera yet. Read on and discover why:

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Optical Zoom

The Kodak AZ525 features 52x optical zoom that allows you to get up close to your subject in focus without compromising sharpness and clarity. You can have fun shooting even at a far distance and still achieve a breathtaking shot. This can be useful for both landscape and wildlife photography.

A megazoom camera, the Kodak AZ525 has a wide angle, 24 – 1248mm zoom lens that offers you with more photographic opportunities minus the hassle of switching from one lens to another (as experienced with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras).

It has also been known that one advantage that megazooms have over other camera types is its lower price, which makes it highly appealing to point-and-shoot camera users who want to try something more advanced.

Effective Pixels and Sensor

The Kodak AZ525 has a high 16 megapixel count with a BSI CMOS sensor that produces clear and detailed images. A 16 megapixel value is enough to provide high-quality photos. Moreover, BSI CMOS sensors do not consume a lot of power – giving you the advantage of taking more shots. It also produces great photos even in low-light conditions. You are able to enjoy high-quality HD videos with any camera that has a BSI CMOS sensor.

A camera with a high megapixel count is generally better than one with a lower megapixel count. This would be great for cropping images or printing different photo sizes. With the Kodak AZ525, you are able to print good to excellent shots on 5×7 inch to 30×40 inch papers.

Viewfinder and LCD Screen

The Kodak AZ525 features a 3 inch (460K pixels) LCD screen that shows perfectly sharp and very bright images without consuming too much camera power. This camera does not have an optical or electronic viewfinder.

Video Quality

If you love taking videos with lots of action, you’ll surely love Kodak AZ525’s 1080p full-HD video quality. This feature enables you to obtain an intense and vivid viewing experience at 30 frames per second.

Frames per Second (FPS)

The Kodak AZ525 features 6 frames per second in a continuous shot. This would be great for challenging photography types such as sports and action photography. With an FPS value of 6, you are able to have a bigger chance of obtaining a good image.

Since using your camera’s burst mode means filling up your memory card much faster, its better to remove bad shots during your spare time or bring an extra memory card.

Face Beautifier and Photo Touch-Up

Perfect for portrait photos and selfies, the Kodak AZ525 features its Face Beautifier mode that makes you and your subjects look even more perfect in any scene. Imagine how great your photos would be on special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and special dates.

AZ525’s touch-up options include Skin Soften, Eye Enlargement, Red Eye Removal, and Eye Brightening.

AZ525 rear


Panoramic photography has grown in popularity for its added dramatic effect in photos. Fortunately, the Kodak AZ525 offers its 360 degree Panorama shooting mode. If you love landscapes or architectural scenes, you’ll be able to get the entire magnificent view of any place in a single photo.

Weather Sealing

The Kodak AZ525 does not have this feature. However, it can operate in a temperature range from 0° to 40°C and can withstand up to 90% humidity.

Wireless Connectivity

You don’t have to experience the hassle of using a cord when transferring photos with the Kodak AZ525’s wireless connectivity feature. Now, you can easily connect to your smart device and upload your excellent photos to social media sites, anytime and anywhere.

Other Features and Specs

Optical Image Stabilization YES
Other Shooting Modes Sport, Party, Pet, Children, Portrait, Landscape, Auto, Movie, Fireworks, Multi Exposure, Snow, etc.
Shutter Speed 1/2000 – 30 Seconds
Detection Features Blink, Cat, Dog, Smile, Face, Blink
Internal Memory & SD/SDHC Card Support Approx. 8 MB, up to 32 GB SD/SDHC
Battery Life Up to 240 shots (based on CIPA standards)


Bridge cameras such as the Kodak AZ525 are suitable for any type of photography – specifically nature, wildlife and sport where you can’t be able to always get close enough to your subject. The AZ525 is also excellent for panoramic photography, enabling one to capture multiple views for a more satisfying photo.

Although the Kodak AZ525 isn’t as advanced as mirrorless cameras and DSLRs, it caters to a special group of photographers – those who desire outstanding photos and videos and prefer the convenience of having a single lens to carry on all photography occasions.

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