Review Of The Kodak AZ521

The Kodak AZ521: Your Guide to An All-Round Bridge Style Camera

Bridge style cameras are popular cameras that a lot of photographers enjoy using. They make great alternatives to more comples DSLRs and better options than a basic point-and-shoot camera. Most people who want to get serious with photography and desire to enhance their photo-taking skills choose bridge cameras for their easy manual controls, high magnification zoom lenses, and bodies shaped like DSLRs.

Bridge cameras have their powerful lenses as their major assets. Their lenses are comparable to DSLRs. Even if bridge cameras don’t have interchangeable lenses, users are delighted with the convenience of not having to switch from one lens to another all the time. These cameras also produce pictures with great quality, much better than those produced by compact cameras and mobile cameras.

Kodak has specialized in creating excellent bridge cameras that guarantee ease of handling plus cutting-edge features. One of its latest cameras is the Kodak AZ521 superzoom camera that features an impressive 52x zoom lens. Read on and discover its astounding specs list. As someone who wishes to get more out of photography, this camera will make a perfect tool for your needs.

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Effective Pixels and Sensor

The Kodak AZ521 features a high 16.38 megapixel count that enables you to enjoy high-quality, detailed photos that can be printed and shared with your loved ones. You can zoom in and out to focus on your subjects regardless of distance without giving up photo clarity.

It has a CMOS-type sensor that guarantees faster shutter speed and an impressive continuous shooting mode. Capturing photos at high speed, you’re assured to get all the action.

Lens and Zoom Power

As previously stated, the Kodak AZ521 has a 24-1248mm wide angle lens with powerful 52x zoom capacity that brings distant subjects up close. If you’re into landscape and wildlife photography, this feature enables you to get a wider view in a single frame so you’ll have the entire scene to yourself. If you choose to zoom in to eliminate unwanted backgrounds, you are still able to get good images.

Aside from its zoom capacity, the Kodak AZ521 has an Optical Image Stabilization feature that helps prevent blurred images resulting from camera shake as you zoom in. With Optical Image Stabilization, you can hand-hold your the Kodak AZ521 without reaching for that tripod everytime.

Continuous Shooting/ Frames per Second

Taking good action sports photos is possible with a camera that can produce more frames when set to a continuous shooting mode. The Kodak AZ521 features 9 FPS. Because it guarantees more shots, choosing the best cover photo would be a fun and easy experience. Some action cameras can only handle 5 FPS. You won’t always need an action camera to document a live soccer game or a bike race. With the Kodak AZ521, you can do more and have more.

Video Quality

Paint a picture and tell your story in a more engaging way with a camera that has superior video quality. The Kodak AZ521 produces 1080p full HD videos at 30 frames per second and 720p videos at 60 frames per second. Capture every movement and replay them. Your videos will stand out with the Kodak AZ521.

Custom Settings

Pre-programming your camera’s settings would be beneficial if you capture the same kind of photos all the time. Take advantage of the Kodak AZ521’s custom settings and you’ll get that shot taken in an instant.


The Kodak AZ521 enables you to get 360-degree panoramic shots for views that are way too precious to leave out – white sand beaches, cliffs, and peninsulas. Simply turn on the Panorama mode and choose a shooting direction. The Kodak AZ521 automatically shoots in the right direction if no changes are made within 2 seconds.

Scene Modes

Take shots according to environment by selecting from the Kodak AZ521’s 12 unique scene modes. Below are the scenes and their practical uses:

  1. Party – This mode is used at indoor parties regardless of lighting.
  2. Pet – To identify your pets (cats/dogs) and easily focus on them.
  3. Sport – For action sports and other fast moving subjects.
  4. Sunset – Used to beautifully capture sunsets or subjects in bright sunlight.
  5. Landscape – For landscape photography. This mode perfectly documents green and blue colors – skies, beaches, and lush vegetation.
  6. Snow – Captures white clearly in snow scenery.
  7. Fireworks – Used to capture great fireworks at night. Using a tripod produces better results.
  8. Handheld Night – Best for taking night shots without the use of a tripod.
  9. Portrait – To focus on people’s faces. Best for selfie and group shots.
  10. Multi Exposure – Capture as many as 6 moving objects with the same background.
  11. Children – Used to take photos of children. In this mode, camera flash is automatically disabled.
  12. Night Portrait – For portraits taken at night.

Other Features and Specs

Detection Features Blink, Smile, Face, Cat, Dog
Photo Touch-Up HDR, Eye Brightening, Eye Enlargement, Red Eye Reduction, and Skin Soften
LCD Screen 3-inch (460K pixels)
Shutter Speed 1/2000 – 30 Seconds
Battery Performance Approx. 240 shots
Operation Environment 0° – 40°C, Humidity: 0 – 90%


As a bridge style superzoom camera, the Kodak AZ521 does an oustanding job in helping you get better in photography. With its impressive list of features, you can get high-quality shots that are comparable to photos produced by high-end cameras.

Better than any compact camera, the Kodak AZ521 has an impressive zoom capacity that takes good photos even at far distances. Plus, it minimizes camera shake through its Optical Image Stabilization feature. It also has 12 scene modes for more flexibility in capturing various scenes at any time.

This camera is a fine tool for many photography types which include but are not limited to Action Sports Photography, Night Photography, Landscape Photography, and Wildlife Photography.

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