Review Of The Kodak AZ365

Why You Should Get Yourself a Kodak AZ365

In the old days, DSLRs used to be the mainstream. These cameras were mostly used by pro photographers who knew their complex, manual controls. On the other hand, the advancement of mobile technology has led to the development of mobile cameras which are able to capture good images with a simple click of a button. Because of these user-friendly mobile cameras, more and more people are taking pictures. In fact, it has been predicted that by 2017, 78.8% of photos worldwide will be taken through mobile cameras.

But there’s a different camera breed that boasts the same look and feel of a small DSLR and the versatility and convenience of a mobile camera: bridge cameras.

Bridge cameras provide you with more features and options than your mobile camera. Wouldn’t it be great to have a stand-alone, user-friendly camera that lets you feel like a pro? Here are some excellent qualities of bridge cameras:

  • Bridge cameras have high magnification zoom lenses that cannot be found in smart phones.
  • Bridge cameras have longer battery lives than regular smart phones.
  • Bridge cameras produce clear, detailed images with minimal risk of motion blur.

In this review, you’ll be discovering why you should invest in a Kodak AZ365 – a bridge camera that does away with your basic mobile photography and takes your snapshots to the next level.

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Optical Zoom

The Kodak AZ365 has an astounding 36x zoom range. This powerful zoom capacity is one major asset of bridge-style cameras. With a high optical zoom, you’ll be able to capture fine shots of your subjects without having to get too close to them. Since a high optical zoom produces outstanding image resolution, you can isolate your subjects and eliminate unwanted backgrounds without sacrificing clarity.

Some mobile companies are upgrading camera lenses of smart phones from digital to optical. Some have even created separate 30x zoom lenses for cameras. But these zoom features cannot outperform the capacity of bridge cameras.

The Kodak AZ365 also features a 24mm wide angle lens that allows you to capture a bigger scene than a usual camera would. Why should you miss a portion of a beautiful view when you can have all of it?

Effective Pixels and Sensor

The Kodak AZ365 has a megapixel count of 16. This would be great for printing high-quality photos, cropping, and uploading shots to social media sites.

The Kodak AZ365 features the BSI CMOS sensor type. A backlit CMOS sensor has a better low-light performance than a regular CMOS sensor. You’re assured to take superb shots of any scene even at night or in partial sunlight.

AZ365 Review

LCD Screen

LCD displays consume less power and feature an array of outstanding colors. They also have high resolutions. The Kodak AZ365 has a 3 inch (460K pixels) LCD screen that lets you view your favorite shots while you take them.


Aside from the Kodak AZ365’s wide angle lens that allows you to expand your horizon, this camera also gives you the option to have more with its 180 degree panorama mode. Panoramic photographs are desirable if your subject occupies a huge portion of the entire view. Panoramas are excellent for nature, wildlife and landscape photography where every view seems to be too precious to leave out.

Optical Image Stabilization

The Optical Image Stabilization is a feature that lets you enjoy blur-free images and smoother videos. With the Kodak AZ365’s OIS feature, you don’t have to reach for that tripod most of the time.

AZ365 review

Other Features and Specs

Operating Temperature & Humidity Temp: 0-40°C, Humidity: 0-90%
Image Compression Best, Fine, Normal
Other Shooting Modes Face Beautifier, Landscape, Sport, Fireworks, Snow, Children, Portrait, Movie, Pet, etc.
Detection Features Blink, Smile, Face, Cat, Dog
Photo Touch-Up Skin Soften, Red Eye Removal, Eye Brightening, Eye Enlargement
Built-In Flash YES
Power AA batteries
Battery Performance Approx. 280 shots


A bridge camera like the Kodak AZ365 is a photography tool that’s worth your while. It shoots like a pro, produces excellent images regardless of a subject’s distance, and has a better overall performance than any mobile camera with a digital or optical zoom.

Great for portrait and other photography types, the Kodak AZ365 allows you to do more with your shots by featuring unique shooting modes and touch-up options.

Overall, the Kodak AZ365 is a fine tool for overserved smartphone users who want to exploit the full potential of photography in a less complicated way.

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