Kodak EasyShare Z740 Review

Have More Fun and Quality Pictures with the Kodak EasyShare Z740 Zoom Digital Camera

Do you want to take excellent photos without dealing with extra weight and too many controls? If you wish to have a great tool that can fit right into your pocket for day to day use – one that can shoot way better than any smartphone camera – a compact camera will be your very best choice. Digital cameras come in various sizes, designs, and features.

Nowadays, these cameras are more equipped with capabilities. You’ll be able to shoot from any distance, be more creative with its wide selection of scene modes, and take action photography and landscape shots if you want to. Why choose a heavy, expensive, complicated DSLR when you can take the finest shots the easiest way and at an affordable price?

The Kodak EasyShare Z740 is a zoom digital camera that will help you get the exact photos you want regardless of the scene and lighting condition. If you are planning to be an expert at photography someday, this camera will also be a great tool for a start. It’s an older model, but you can still pick it up at a great deal. Maximize its use and soon you’ll be a pro.

If you want to know more about the Kodak EasyShare Z740, please refer to this useful guide.

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Extremely Fun and Easy to Use

All of its controls are very accessible, making this camera super intuitive. By just taking a look at its buttons and dials, you’ll be able to know what exactly they’re for.

The upper front portion of the camera features the huge shutter button, the self-timer/burst button (for action shots), the close-up/landscape button (for portrait and landscape photography), and the flash button (for low light areas). By the way, this camera has a huge built-in pop-up flash that’s really useful. I find this more convenient than the DSLR’s external flash which needs separate batteries. If you can go without those extra accessories, then this Kodak EasyShare Z740 will be the right tool for you.

At its rear view, featured buttons include the review button, menu button, delete button, EVF/LCD button, share button, and mode dial.

For you to carry it anywhere and take instant shots without reaching for your pouch, this camera comes with a neck strap post. Hang it around your neck at all times during your vacation trips and you’ll surely look like a pro.

High Resolution and Powerful Zoom Lens

The Kodak EasyShare Z740 has a high 5.0 megapixel resolution with a 10x powerful zoom lens for more flexible shooting. If have to take photos at a far distance as in wildlife photography, just zoom in to take that close-up shot. If you’re wondering what the best size for prints this camera offers, this Kodak EasyShare Z740 lets you achieve brilliant 13 inches by 17 inches photos.

If you need extra stability in taking those close-up photos (just in case you need those photos to be really perfect), a tripod might come in handy. Don’t worry, this camera features a nice tripod socket at its bottom part.

Great for Action Photography

If you think that action photography is only suited for action cameras and DSLRs, you’ve got it all wrong. You can perfectly capture the flapping wings of a duck or your running toddler. In 15 seconds using the continuous burst mode, you can capture about 30 photos. This mode is extremely beneficial for you to pick the very best moment.

Captures the Finest Indoor and Outdoor Shots

You can achieve the most creative shots with the Kodak EasyShare Z740. Are you planning to have a day at the beach but are worried with backlight and very bright scenes? Do you love the idea of taking sunset photos or fireworks at night? The Kodak EasyShare Z740 makes all of these photos possible. It comes with multiple scene modes and color modes to choose from:

For the scene modes – Self Portrait, Portrait, Text, Sport, Museum/Manner, Children, Night Landscape, Party, Landscape, Beach, Night Portrait, Flower, Close-Up, Fireworks, Backlight, and Snow

For the color modes – Black and White, High Color, Natural Color, Sepia

Electronic Viewfinder

One feature that makes this camera stand out from other point-and-shoot cameras is the presence of its electronic viewfinder. Not all cameras have this useful feature. With an electronic viewfinder, you’ll be able to view and frame those photos before taking them. You’ll be able to see what the sensor actually sees – a 100% view of the final image. Plus, an electronic viewfinder is also useful under bright sunlight. Another advantage of an electronic viewfinder is its less consumption of battery power.

Other Features and Specs

Continuous Shooting Speed 2 Frames per Second
Photo Sensor Technology CCD
Minimum Focal Length 38mm
Maximum Focal Length 380mm
Image Stabilization None
Video Resolution 640 x 480 at 13 fps
Auto Picture Rotation YES
Red Eye Reduction YES
Batteries 2, AA size
Memory Cards SD/MMC
Weight 0.73 pounds


Overall, the Kodak EasyShare Z740 is a versatile point-and-shoot camera that offers you countless possibilities. As you can see, this camera has more buttons and controls which means that it provides much flexibility in taking shots. It’s also fun and easy to use. If you want something that’s inexpensive, convenient, creative and lightweight – choose this Kodak EasyShare Z740. It will seriously make your photography goals come true.

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